Our Mission and Goals

Future Goals for Future Champions

The mission of the Lincoln Sports Foundation is a commitment to developing, mentoring and training student athletes and their families through programs that provide quality coaching and facilities enabling them to reach their full potential as athletes and members of the community reflecting our values of honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence. 

Facility Information

The Ethel S. Abbott Sports Complex is one of the finest sports complexes in the nation, with over 100 acres, with 60 of those acres being professionally maintained fields.  Our Championship Soccer Field seats 2,500.  The multipurpose indoor facility holds 11 volleyball courts, 4 basketball courts and one indoor turf field.  The complex hosts major soccer tournaments, volleyball tournaments, basketball tournaments and other civic events.

Outdoor Facilities

Our outdoor complex features 20 natural grass playing surfaces of various sizes for use by players of all ages, on 100 acres of a 215 acre complex.  There are eleven full size fields, the Ethel S. Abbott Championship Field, and eight smaller fields for youth competition.





The Lincoln Sports Foundation, Inc was founded January 31, 2004.

The Lincoln Sports Foundation is the successor entity to the Capital Sports Foundation, which ran the complex from 1991 to 2004.  The primary purpose of the organization is to own and operate the Ethel S. Abbott Sports Complex. 

The Lincoln Sports Foundation is committed to running the facility to the highest standards in order for us to continue to provide the community with the highest quality facilities to conduct their activities.  The Lincoln Sports Foundation is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization.


Abbott Sports Complex Lincoln NE
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