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2015 Abbott Sports Complex - Youth Tackle Football

Monday, August 3rd, 2015 is our official first day of Big Red Machine Youth tackle football. Registration will remain open until August 15th, 2015. If you know of any youth between the age of 10-14 that would like to participate but thought it was too late, have them come on out.


Abbott Sports Complex (Championship field)

6:00pm to 8:00pm

What to bring on Monday:
- Completed Abbott Waiver
- Completed Concussion Waiver
- Payment (cash or check)
*Credit Card payments must be completed online HERE (do not re-register to make payment)
- copy of your Childs' birth certificate (if you played last year I have your copy)

- football shoes
- shorts / T-shirt
- Mouthguard (if you have one already)
- PLENTY of water

The Nebraska Youth Football League has been in existence for 30+ years. Over the years the league has had it's ups as well as our share of downs however, the one component that remains the same is our integrity, dedication to the YOUTH, and competitive spirit.

* Our rules are based on high school football rules with some modifications

Age and weight limits are based on national recommendations

* we wouldn't have 12yr olds playing against 14yr olds, we have 11-12yr, 13-14yr
nor would we have a 150lb 10yr old run the ball...the athlete weighs too much and would be a safety concern.


Abbott is the home of Lincoln Indoor Baseball


Phone: (402) 730-6070


Abbott Sports Complex Lincoln NE
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